California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District Relocation

Location Sacramento, CA
Square Footage 40,000 SF

Mill Creek provided transition planning / relocation management services for both the temporary and final moves of this project. Extensive planning and coordination were required on both moves as it was imperative that the Clerk of the Court’s office was open to the public during the move, and that justices and staff had access to all court documents and legal resources at all times during the transition. In addition, the extensive decommissioning of both facilities was required immediately after move out to allow construction to commence. An intricate schedule was developed that included the advance move of one complete law library to allow the Court’s staff to operate in both facilities as each group was moved to 621 Capitol Mall. Timing was critical, and the move was accomplished over a four-week period with no disruption in services to the public. Immediately following the phased move-out, the decommissioning of vacated facilities plan was implemented.